Partner Benefit

  • We invite Workplaces, Counsellors, Consultants and Associations to partner with the Institute … home of the StressType™ profile
  • We see the StressType™ online profile as a value adding, revenue generator with your client base. It provides a passive revenue stream for you with no resource allocation

Client Benefit

  • The profile’s “What’s your StressType?” invitation promotes immediate engagement. Its personalized, action recommendations motivate lifestyle decisions that make a difference

StressType™ profile: Available in two alternative formats

Which best supports your aims for your clients?

  • Client self-directed action ← Profile provides My StressType™ awareness + personalized action recommendations. Individuals visit and click on “Buy Now”.
  • Coaching with client ← Profile guides highly time-efficient coach-client problem solving. Volume purchasing and reseller discount. Contact

We invite you to leverage our 40 years’ evidence-based solutions for Making Change Successful, not Stressful™ with individuals and workplace teams.

  • integrating corporate human resources priorities with leading edge health science
  • certification for your using the Institute’s diagnostic, skill development or coaching tools

Contact: Richard Earle, Ph.D.